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OES GALLIATH - Sous L'Oeil Fermé Des Paradis . CD

Digipack CD

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French Black Metal mavericks Oes Galliath return after 10-year hiatus with their farewell album "Sous l'oeil fermé des paradis". Which will be released via France d'Oïl Productions (CD/limited edition) & Nebular Carcoma Records (Vinyl in 2021).

Spanning from nauseous black metal spleen & intoxicated crust-punk beats to sheer acoustic contemplation, psychedelic leads and soaring arrangements, “Sous l’œil fermé des paradis” constantly challenges the listener’s conception of black metal.

Carried by Odivm’s haunting poetic stanzas, each track paints its own introspective, chemically induced, sonic daydream. Including a daring cover of french pop-rock legend Hubert-Félix Thiéfaine’s classic 1982 tune : “Les Dingues et Les Paumés”. As well as a violin interlude by Hufsa from ambient project Rêvoeil.

Far from the traditional reverence, Oes Galliath’s swansong is an act of defiance in itself. A ghastly testament of escapism from the industrial suburbs of Paris. A death letter to the ancient world. An ode to spiritual awakening and personal growth.

4 panels digipack CD with a massive 24 pages booklet.


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