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CLANDESTINE BLAZE - New Golgotha Rising

CLANDESTINE BLAZE - New Golgotha Rising

12,00 €

Clandestine Blaze 8th album "New Golgotha Rising" continues bands path forward. Album is one of the most aggressive and coldest Clandestine Blaze recordings to date. One can expect Black Metal in stripped down form. No obscure intro pieces, no cavernous sound. Sonically closest album in discography is perhaps "Fist Of The Nortern Destroyer". Thin and high pitched sound, with simple monotony of drums hammering on top. Clear and sharp sound, where barbaric touch of torturing instruments can be well heard.

Recording techniques were taken to simplest level and recording performed without allowing frenzy of moment to be disturbed by corruption of modern studio work of endless re-takes and corrections. This allows focus to utmost core, than be blinded by nice surfaces.

CD comes with 12 pages booklet including all lyrics.


  • Année 2015
  • Label Northern Heritage
  • Alpha C

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