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Frequently questions

  • Reduced shipping costs in case of mixed order (ex: vinyl + CD + tape): It's possible to ship vinyls with CDs and tapes without box but not directly from the webshop. Contact me by email. Specially recommended for shipments outside France and better outside Europe !
  • Is payment by credit card "Payplug" reliable? Absolutely, reinforced by 3D-Secure (or 3DS)
  • The PayPal module doesn't work: Paypal payment can be done directly on hassweg@orange.fr (if possible in sending money to a friend/family without fees)
  • A technical problem with the webshop or website: Contact me by email.
  • Connection or order through phone or tablet: Sure, this is a responsive webshop.
  • An idea to improve the weshop: With pleasure! Contact me by email.
  • Links from listening to the webshop: Are indicative only to serve you. Except Hass Weg Bandcamp, no link comes from the label.
  • Dead link, erroneous, unauthorized or obsolete: Simple email and I correct on occasion. Thanks for us.
  • Description does not match the album: Simple email and I correct on occasion. With details please!
  • My Cart disappeared when I logged back: To keep it, you must not log out of your account. Close only the page, otherwise the cart is lost.
  • How to use my loyalty points ? Once connected to your account, must be converted to "My loyalty points" then when you are doing your order you will get automatically a coupon code, click on it and click ok.
  • I can't validate my order because no carrier is available: It's a mistake on my part on one of the products. Notify me by e-mail so I can correct, thanks.
  • All the products on the shop are available ? Yes except an mistake of stock. I don't distribute wind, theoretically all distribution presented is available.
  • How long the products are considered new ? Exactly 45 days from the date of entry into stock. Thereafter they are drowned with the rest of the distribution.