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HATESPIRIT - Blood & Poetry

HATESPIRIT - Blood & Poetry

11,50 €

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Finnish black Metal with Serpentfyre members.

A mysterious entity with no prior public recordings, Hatespirit hail from an ancient time of black metal. Resolutely and proudly primitive, the Finnish band gnarl forth with black metal that breathes a woodland atmosphere despite its harsh and hateful contours. And yet, nature itself is a harsh and hateful mistress, offering no mercy for those who don't respect her wonders. In this regard, Hatespirt are comparably anti-humanist, as their lyrics deeply explore nature mysticism, folklore, myths, and magic - but above all, the respect for (and fear of) the eternal and damning powers of Mother Nature. As if the album title itself didn't already spell out their mission, the song titles across Blood & Poetry speak even louder: among them, "Breath of Night," "Silvery Howls," "The Wolfish Hunger," "The Ghost Lights," "Thought and Memory," and the closing "Song of the Woods." This is hate and disgust towards the modern world, and Hatespirit respectfully carry the torch of their native forebears Vordr and especially Ildjarn. Nothing is forever, and forever is nothing... 

Available on jewelcase CD with 4 pages booklet, Handnumbered and limited to 200 copies.


  • Année 2017
  • Label Altare
  • Alpha H

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