GOATMOON - Finnish Steel Storm
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GOATMOON - Finnish Steel Storm . CD


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Cult Finnish Black Metal / cult album !

Originally released in 2007, Finnish Steel Storm is the album where GOATMOON truly came into its own and solidified a unique sound now revered far and wide. Here, monomaniacal mainman BlackGoat Gravedesecrator sharpened his previously punkish attack into gleaming black metal - ever distinctly Finnish, but now with a refinement that truly exuded the triumph 'n' tragedy at the heart of his aesthetic. And while he'd continue that refinement over subsequent albums, it was in this crucial year and on this crucial album where GOATMOON became one of Finland's most lethal (and most infamous) black metal bands. Banned in Germany, experience Finnish Steel Storm again, now with improved layout and on gold disc - forever may that storm roil and rage...

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