THOR'S HAMMER - All We Need is War 1997-2006
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THOR'S HAMMER - All We Need is War 1997-2006 . 5xCD

Slipcase Digipack 5 CD

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Complete discography of Thor's Hammer. Digipack contains 5 cds plus mealic slipcase. Limited edition

  1. Fidelity Shall Triumph
  2. Fidelity Shall Triumph (remixed with additional bass guitar)
  3. May The Hammer Smash The Cross
  4. The Fate Worse Than Death
  5. Three Weeds From The Same Root

nb: The "Three Weeds From The Same Root" disc lacks track 8 (Organized Illusion) despite it's listed on the back cover and the disc tray.
The "The Fate Worse Than Death" disc includes 2 bonus tracks (8- Grand Isolation and 9- Fuck Off And Die, both recorded at a rehearsal in 2001) despite they're not listed anywhere.

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