WHITE DEATH - White Death
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WHITE DEATH - White Death . LP

LP 12"

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Bursting into the milky cosmos, White Death exudes a majesty and mysticism that are incredibly rare to find in nowadays "black metal," so pure and true is the young band's ancient flame. Howling to the fullmoon, WHITE DEATH speed forth across seven songs of nightside diabolism and medieval witchcraft, each one evoking a separate splendor, all offering myriad corridors into one's innermost soul. It is a sound that strongly resonates with a mid '90s atmosphere, but so authentic and ingrained is the quintet's fire 'n' fervor that the word "traditionalism" no longer becomes shackling, but rather liberating. Indeed, it is a liberating force that guides White Death, bridging the past and the present with acidic aplomb. WHITE DEATH have begun a glorious new epoch: march or die.

3nd pressing on silver vinyl and traditional black vinyl with the exact same packaging and layout as the first pressing. Jacket has a UV spot gloss and comes with an A2 size poster.


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