GOATMOON - Stella Polaris
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GOATMOON - Stella Polaris . LP

LP 12"

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However, it is with the forthcoming Stella Polaris where GOATMOON will etch its name into Finnish black metal legendry. In many ways approximating its vibrant cover art, Stella Polaris is a mysteriously alluring blast of cosmic, snow-capped majesty. Here, GOATMOON consolidates all its considerable strengths while setting forth on new, untrodden paths across the album's nine tracks. Verily, Stella Polaris is distinctly Finnish in its poignant purity and staunch traditionalism - this is BLACK METAL, proudly, with no use for nor tolerance of muddling agents - but with its increasingly organ-led attack, BlackGoat Gravedesecrator and a new, full lineup weave a spell that explodes with both a subtle dynamism and an anthemic quality that's thoroughly addicting. Compact and concise as ever, Stella Polaris accomplishes its mission with no hyperbole and no bullshit: simply, it is GOATMOON at the height of its powers, and ascending supremacy effortlessly.

4th press on white vinyl 12" LP


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