VANANIDR - Damnation lp
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VANANIDR - Damnation . LP

LP 12"

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Swedish Melodic Black Metal. Third album.

Featuring an all-new lineup with Anders again leading the way, VANANIDR's "Damnation" suitably splits the difference between its two full-length predecessors - the solemn dynamics of "Vananidr" crossed with the more aggressive aspect of "Road North", if you will. And immediately, "Damnation" bursts forth with that now-signature VANANIDR sound: an undulating snowstorm of white-hot melodicism, the spiraling violence spilling forth even-more-epic visions. And now, those visions retain the band's elder '90s classicism whilst imparting a sleeker, more modern atmosphere - gritty, urban, but wolfish and ever alone.

Vinyl 12" LP with 12" insert. Black edition limited to 200 copies, splatter limited to 100 copies.

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