AEGRUS - Thy Numinous Darkness lp
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AEGRUS - Thy Numinous Darkness . LP

LP 12"

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Finnish Black Metal. Second album.

AEGRUS plays straightforward, raw and yet melancholic brand of Finnish black metal, where coldness and darkness has been wrapped around the strong manifestation of extremely deep devotion towards black arts and Satanism. The band continues from where they left with their acclaimed debut "Devotion for the Devil" and "Conjuration of Old Echoes" EP, but now with much more renewed production and ripened atmosphere presenting the full range of the artistic expression of the entity that is AEGRUS. ”Thy Numinous Darkness” is very fierce brand of Finnish black metal sound, which follows the same tradition as such bands such as the bands like HORNA, SACRIFICIUM CARMEN and BEHEXEN, but with very strong sense of their own path and firm grip of their own touch. 

Reissue on vinyl 12" LP with 12" insert and poster. Limited to 300 copies.

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