LAMENTATION - Grabens Symphonie

LAMENTATION - Grabens Symphonie

Double CD

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From the gruesome throne of darkness which once enshrouded the Transilvanian castle in the mid-90's years of tragedy and hate, emerged a duo of grim souls, Count Wrathven and Prince Locathah, who gathered under the banner named LAMENTATION. Now the three cassettes of dark keyboard music are compiled in double Compact Disc format featuring

  • Demo I "Eine Symphonie der Nacht" (1994)
  • Demo II "Fullmoon Over Faerhaaven" (1995)
  • Demo III: "As ShadowKingdom Comes to My Sight" (1996) & 1996
  • "Whispers From the Carmilla's Tomb"

This music is pure dungeon synth how it was originally intended to be, oozing dark haunting atmospheres and Gothic grandeur to haunt the listener and whisk them away to another place and time.

Jewelcase Double CD with 8 pages booklet.

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