MARRAS - Where Light Comes to Die . CD
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MARRAS - Where Light Comes to Die . CD


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Finnish Black Metal. Debut album.

Rising from the depths of mid-Finland, Marras might be a new name as a band, but the forces behind it surely are not new to the scene and the Black Arts.

Featuring members from known Finnish hordes Vargrav, Förgjord, Nekrokrist SS, and Mimorium, the result is undoubtedly an image of its creators: reaping, hateful, and bleak, reeking of the northern unlight and harsh coldness that's well known in Finnish black metal.

Shifting from fast, raging black metal to more atmospheric parts, accompanied by samples and mid-intros to boost up the mood, this aptly titled debut album completely captivates the listener with all that you can expect from the souls of the North. Indeed, Marras show you Where Light Comes to Die...

Jawelcase CD with 4 pages booklet.

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