TYPHUS - Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity . CD
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TYPHUS - Grand Molesters of the Holy Trinity . CD


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TYPHUS, the most Blasphemous band on earth, finally, after more than 5(!) years, return with their long-awaited second full-length-album and most fierce release ever! TYPHUS, once again, conjure ancient spirits of unholy blasphemy to sodomize the holy ghost and those who follow the feeble christian philosophy. TYPHUS spew forth another vile depraved blasphemous mockery of the one called Jehovah. "GRAND MOLESTERS OF THE HOLY TRINITY" will be the perfect follow up to "PROFOUND BLASPHEMOUS PROCLAMATION". The band continue their Luciferic journey towards the gates of hell attacking he who rides above the clouds yet once again. Proving their sincerity and complete devotion to the war against religion. TYPHUS are determined to enslave the human race within the three dimensional world of materialism creating slaves to worship our master Satan... Bow down to the U.S. Black Metal Elite! True Enlightenment for those who understand! Disgusting and Blasphemous to all others!! HIGLY RECOMMENDED to all True Satanic Worshippers out there!! First press limited to 1000 copies!! Comes incl. 16-pages-booklet!! Total playing time: 52:11 min.!


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