ANU - Opus Funaerum . LP
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ANU - Opus Funaerum . LP

LP 12"

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Cold Black Metal with dark atmospheric passages. For worshippers of Judas Iscariot or early Deathspell Omega. From one of the former/earliest members of one of the most important USBM bands, Demoncy, spawns forth ANU! 9 obscured years since the acclaimed demo and long out of print 7" where released unto this world, the spirit that is ANU has awakened with the release of the long anticipated full length album "Opus Funaerum" on Graveless Slumber Records. Possibly the coldest release that the USBM underground has ever seen, "Opus Funaerum" is the solitary black candle that illuminates the all-consuming Darkness of obscurity and mysticism.

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32 cm
100 cm
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Werewolf Records

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