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SHADOW'S MORTUARY - Kuoleman Portit . LP

LP 12"

17,90 €

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Great Melancholic Finnish Black Metal !

SHADOW'S MORTUARY return with an equally strong second strike, Kuoleman Portit. A consolidation of all-too-considerable strengths, the eight-song/31-minute Kuoleman Portit wastes no time in making its point plain and proud: melancholic melodicism, cold-fire execution, a punkish straightforwardness but never primitively so, and simply strong songs. Truly, it's that lattermost element where most nowadays black metal fails, but SHADOW'S MORTUARY are old souls who drink deeply from the well of the ancients, and hereby unleash one harsh anthem after another, all done in their native tongue, which only heightens that harshness. References can confidently be made to the likes of Corvus-era Horna to even labelmates MALUM, but on evidence of Kuoleman Portit, SHADOW'S MORTUARY are just as certainly putting their own stamp on a noble tradition.

The more some things change, the more others should stay the same. With Kuoleman Portit do SHADOW'S MORTUARY declare they're prepared to uphold the banner of traditional Finnish black metal!

Vinyl 12" LP with 12" insert. Limited to 250 copies.


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