SIVYJ YAR - Towards the Twilight . CD
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SIVYJ YAR - Towards the Twilight . CD

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Russian translation : Сивый Яр - Навстречу Cумеркам . "Towards The Twilight", is the latest work of Vladimir within aframework of his individual Black Metal project SIVYI YAR. The EP takes the author and the listener further into the sundown realm ofunearthly dreams that the music of this band evokes. The title song is a tribute to one of the darkest visionaries within Russia's deep underground dark ambient community – Roman Sidorov (andhis one-man band Staruha Mha), who hung himself in autumn of 2003. Thesong starts with almost-major riff, to which Vladimir declamates,shrieking (properly harsh) his simple yet dramatic verses throughgraceful but disturbing, resonant and multilayered panels, whereundercovered by thick ambient gauze, guitars and drums smoke theircrossing also by cattish acoustic soundscapes – until comes the perfect timing for a battery salvo. The second track is a desperate lamentation addressed to Motherland's soil, sloshed with a blood of the fratridical Civil War – a piece of classic Depressive Black Metal/Post Metal, fueled withPagan anger and heavily inspired by Ivan Bunin's "The Cursed Days". As a coda you get estranged stars twinkling above the firry abyss,in the timeless barathrum of which the weepings of women are echoingand ashes of funeral fires glow.

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