Loyalty & Discount

Loyalty Program :

- Valid on any order performed on the online shop for customers with an account.

- For every 5 euros range, a value of 0,20 € is offered.

- Validation after the current order considered as delivered. One year validity.

- Accumulated loyalty points can be used as you wish during your next purchases.

- To use his loyalty points, it's necessary to convert on the customer account "My loyalty points" then when you are doing your order, you will automatically get a coupon code

- This loyalty program can be combined with discount below and will not be taken into account for orders/booking placed by email. No exception !

Modification of the loyalty program :

From March 12, 2023, loyalty points will no longer be awarded for any order paid by Paypal or credit card (Payplug or Paypal) directly from the site,

because of the high transaction costs on the total purchases + shipping costs,

and moreover problematic because the products are notified on the payment receipts (The Black Metal or other extreme music is not always appreciated)

Only payments by bank transfer, cash and Paypal in payment WITHOUT FEES will be eligible for the loyalty program.

Possibility to choose a payment by cash or bank transfer on the order and to send manually the money by Paypal in payment FREE OF CHARGE (sending to a friend/family, not in service) on ayps.shop@gmail.com and for comment only the order reference.

The rate remains unchanged, €0.20 per €5 purchase. One year validity.

Discount price on quantity:

- 2% Discount for order from €50 to €100 excluding postage

- 4% Discount for order from €100 to €150 excluding postage

- 6% Discount for order from €150 to €200 excluding postage

- 8% Discount for order from €200 to €250 excluding postage

- 11% Discount for order more of €250 excluding postage