Loyalty & Discount

Loyalty Program :

- Valid on any order performed on the online shop.

- For every 5 euros range, a value of 0,20 € is offered.

- Validation after the current order considered as delivered. One year validity.

- Accumulated loyalty points can be used as you wish during your next purchases.

- To use his loyalty points, it's necessary to convert on the customer account "My loyalty points" then when you are doing your order, you will automatically get a coupon code

- This loyalty program can be combined with discount below and will not be taken into account for orders/booking placed by email. No exception !

Discount price on quantity:

- 2% Discount for order from €50 to €100 excluding postage

- 4% Discount for order from €100 to €150 excluding postage

- 6% Discount for order from €150 to €200 excluding postage

- 8% Discount for order from €200 to €250 excluding postage

- 11% Discount for order more of €250 excluding postage

Discount according to payment method:

The inherent costs having become exorbitant (products + shipping cost + packaging costs + without the time dedicated)

Example: 1 vinyl €15 + international registered shipping €14,90 = €2,80 charges + 20 minutes of preparation without customs declaration.

Hass Weg can no longer absorb the costs following recurring payments by PayPal, you can pay by "send to a friend" free of charge directly on hassweg@orange.fr by deducting 2% of the total (order + shipping costs) by choosing at the based on payment by cash or bank transfer.

Same for native payments via cash or bank transfer.

ps: Contact me in the wake of your order to notify me in advance.

The other solution is to increase product prices and shipping costs, which is frankly not my ambition !