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AKHTYA - Rituals of Demonic Possession . CD


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Ritual Dark Ambient from USA. Seventh album.

Akhtya "Rituals of Demonic Possession" is a series of recordings of demonic cacophony, Satanic chants and layers of disembodied voices and bestial growls structured around church organs, deep drums and dark ambient ritual music.

The Rituals of Demonic Possession is a recording which is based from the inversion of the Ritual of Exorcism re-structured to act as an invocation and catalyst for demonic powers in which the listener (according to Luciferian Rituals in Liber HVHI) may bring forth atavistic spiritual and subconscious powers to devour/consume and command as a strong individual who is without a master. Akhtya features layers of chants, vocals and incantations reciting the reverse exorcism by the Catholic Church, the entire piece composed by Akhtya (Michael W. Ford).

Meditate in darkness and focus on the mental guide towards the Abyss, never submitting to any other power or spirit. The test is to bring forth Legion in the mind and by your Will, consume and command the Spirit as a part of yourself.

This recording is dedicated to the demonic atavism's and energies which dwell within us all and coil in the darkness of hell (the subconscious hidden place of the Sorcerer).

Jewelcase CD with 4 pages booklet. Limited to 300 copies.


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