SATANIC WARMASTER - Strength & Honour
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SATANIC WARMASTER - Strength & Honour . CD

Digipack CD

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Finnish Black Metal.

CD reissue with BLUTRACHE 1999 demo "Marsch zu neuen Zeitaltern" as bonus.

First version of this album was published in 2001. Instead of sounding like Satanic Warmaster’s Bloody Ritual demo (1999), it reminded heavily of Blutrache (fin) first and only demo published in 1999. Album music was recorded with analogue 4-track cassette player, and due running out of tracks, vocals were added in studio. Result had slightly odd mix of ultra raw music and ”clean” vocal tracks. To make everything blend together, measures were taken at NH headquarters and sound was butchered with distortion and compression. That ripping and brutalized version of album is that became audio source of the first three pressings.

Reissue on 6 panels digipack CD

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