Hass Weg Soul

  • Hass Weg presents himself as an independent music label in support of the Underground Black Metal scene and in the name of freedom expression.

  • Label and distributor of extreme music with all that what implies. And this in production or distribution.

  • Hass Weg clears himself from any political, anti-religious or anti-social ideology groups for the previously cited reasons.

  • Releases are exclusively related to all Black Metal styles, mainly old school. Now we are open to all proposals and the selection will be of most rigorous. Not seeking quantity but quality.

  • Holy horror of the social networks (facebook, myspace, twitter & co) even if used for practical or functional purposes (links on the webshop as example or hassweg account on facebook)

  • Don't contact me via Facebook, I only connect very rarely, have cut all notifications and almost never answer.
  • Hass Weg has no other outlet shop on his own, doesn’t sell digital mp3 and even less distorted sound. In short, only physical opus.

  • Copying, hiring, lending, use of Hass Weg releases for public performance broadcasting are prohibited. Therefore, any paid or free download on the web without permission of Hass Weg is illegal. Copyright being filed on SACEM; in case of violation, royalties will be paid to bands !

  • In short, no "mainstream" on Hass Weg (social networks, the most diverse sales places, downloads, etc ...) Just a minimum visibility with the webshop.

Support or Die ! A.M.S.G.